Jaap Kamsma visual artist

Ever since my childhood, I was going to the zoo and there I was drawing and painting animals in captivity. At the academy of art in Utrecht, I picked up this subject again. It is not just about the animals, the shapes of their living environment are also playing an important role. These are often closed spaces with small openings that gives you the opportunity to have a peek into their world. The connection between the architecture of the space and the nature are elements that inspire me.

In my recent work the animals escaped from their environment and appear in areas that exist in my memory. They are more prominent in the picture and tell their own story.

At this site, I will show an overview of my work and thoughts. If you are interested in my work, would like to organize an exhibition, have another project proposal in mind or want to purchase one of my art works. Feel free to contact me. Please enjoy the site.