About Jaap Kamsma

Memory is a strange thing, it shifts and changes within time and retelling.

Most people remember through the stories they make of every day events by retelling them. I remember things  in a more unfiltered sequences of events with less context and more atmospheric feeling. My thoughts are more formed by images. Some of them I put in paintings.

I paint and draw in a style that is quite primitive, raw, rough not focused on the accurate representation of reality, but more of atmospheric feeling of space and subject. I work with a diversity of materials Gauche, Tempera, Ink and other materials.

My current subject is Artis the city Zoo in Amsterdam. As a child I came regularly there with my family and for the “Artis Ateliers” (an institute that organizes art courses for children and adults).  I went there from my 6th  untill I was 17 and it had a large impact on my life and art.  My subjects  most of the time had its roots in memories and nostalgia.

A few years ago my main theme was about architecture. When I was inspired by this, I choose places that had a lot of personal importance to me. Like the central library or my parental home. I have tried to capture the memories of these places to express how I think about them.

My paintings and drawings are for me a way to communicate some of my feelings and interests. The way I work is more important than the subject itself.

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